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Prevent Falls

Avoiding falls is important.

Fall prevention could be the single most important step you take in continuing to live at home as you age.

About one-third of the US population of seniors (those over 65) experience a fall each year.

At age 80, that number rises to roughly 50%.

Falls account for 25% of hospital admissions and approximately 40% of nursing home admissions.

“Being careful” isn’t enough to avoid falling.  Falls should not be considered a “normal” part of aging. Ignoring them, and not telling your children or your doctors won’t aid you in the long run. The goal is to determine WHY the fall happened, and make adjustments to prevent it from happening again.

elderly woman who has fallen on the floor
It could be the physical environment, medication, or physical strength and balance that caused you to fall. Working with our aging-in-place specialists will reveal the greatest environmental risks and highlight modifications for preventing future falls.
We will identify changes that can be made to reduce your risk.
If a contractor is involved, we’ll work directly with them to choose the best room configuration, lighting, furniture and fixture needs.
We will help  ease your family’s worries. Whether you’ve recovered from a fall already or whether you are trying to prevent a fall, our team will bring new understanding of your risks and give you actionable steps to take to protect yourself.