Alzheimer’s Disease

Caring for Alzheimer's patientAlthough Alzheimer’s is most well known for the memory loss it causes, even the mild/early stage of Alzheimer’s brings coordination problems with it. As the disease progresses, mobility and coordination are increasingly affected.

Andrew’s clinical training reaches beyond the physical impairment to include the cognitive limitations that are part of Alzheimer’s. He can assess the patient’s ability to perform necessary activities and identify ways to make those activities easier.

He’ll give you the benefit of his experience working with others in similar situations.

  • He will have recommendations for the contractor — both in terms of room configuration and in terms of fixtures to install.
  • He can assist the family with keeping the Alzheimer’s patient safe at home for as long as possible.
  • He understands the caregiver’s responsibilities and can make recommendations to support them too.
  • If a contractor hasn’t been selected, he can recommend one he’s worked with successfully.

Regardless of where you are in the process of making home and lifestyle changes to accommodate the Alzheimer’s patient and family, Andrew Sever will bring real insights and practical ideas to the plan.