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For Fellow NAIPC Members

An occupational therapist is clinically trained to assess a person’s ability to perform everyday activities, regardless of any physical, cognitive, psychological or emotional limitations they may have.

When Cindy works with clients, she watches them perform these activities and identify the obstacles they must deal with to perform them.

She is delighted to work with other providers who are drawn to aging-in-place challenges because she knows that they already understand many of the common barriers in homes. Cindy brings an additional layer of understanding to the situation — whether it’s making recommendations for fall prevention through environmental modifications, remodeling a home, defining in-home care needs or redesigning a living space.  I do not sell equipment, I provide the recommendations through live links to items that can be purchased online, connections to a handyman that can complete basic items or to an equipment supplier for items that cannot/or should not be purchased online.  I also work with NAIPC member Accessible Living Atlanta,  contractors for more extensive home renovation needs. 
Adding Cindy Lourie to your team is a win for you and your client. You will be adding a level of expertise that your competition cannot match and you’ll be delivering a service that will work for your client today and in the future.