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What does "aging in place" mean?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for someone whose physical or cognitive ability is changing as they age, or as a chronic condition worsens. The first step toward finding a personalized solution that encompasses physical needs, safety, and practical accessibility is finding an expert to trust. We are occupational therapists who specialize in home accessibility and have proven experience supporting and empowering our clients to embrace life despite their changing needs and abilities. If you are looking for honest, professional, and objective advice, contact us.

Our qualified team:

Solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Family Care

It can be difficult to see your parents' abilities decline as they age. There may be family disagreements with everyone trying to weigh safety while also maintaining independence. A skilled, observant and objective third party can help provide practical solutions for fall prevention and safety within the home.

Home Planning

Planning ahead can save you money. If you are planning a renovation now, create a beautiful space that will still be appropriate for your changing needs. What will happen if you need help with your mobility in the future? An assistive device like a walker or wheelchair may be needed. Is your home ready? There is more to creating an accessible space than just widening doorways.


Diseases can affect your day to day function and ability to remain independent. For newly diagnosed patients, it may feel overwhelming to consider these life changing aspects of a disease. As OT's who have worked with people managing and living with a variety of diseases, we can assess needs and provide solutions for current concerns as well as future ones.

Special Needs

Whether you are caring for a special-needs child or adult, the care required will change over time. We can guide you to the most practical solutions, based on individual needs. Our team can assess what is possible for your home and make recommendations based on what will have the biggest impact for your loved one.

About EnABLE Home Solutions

EnAble Home Solutions specializes in home accessibility for people who want to remain at home, despite their changing needs and abilities. A home could be a house, an apartment/condo or retirement community.  As a licensed occupational therapist and certified Aging in Place Specialist, Cindy Lourie is trained to assess a person’s abilities as well as their living environment. For people who want to remain at home, Cindy uses her years of training and experience to educate clients and provide the tools, resources, and support necessary for individuals to maintain their independence and dignity. Additionally, she can connect homeowners and their families with honest and trustworthy handymen and large equipment suppliers as well as contractors if more extensive modifications are necessary or desired.

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