Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's DiseaseParkinson’s Disease robs the individual of muscle control. Movements slow, tremors develop, posture and balance are impaired. Feet shuffle. The body wants to do what the brain asks, but the message doesn’t always come through clearly or quickly enough to allow for an adequate response.

The most common result:  falls.

Parkinson’s symptoms tend to worsen over time, so it can be worthwhile to consider how the physical ability will change in the future and make any home modifications with that longer view in mind.

Our aging-in-place specialists have worked with many Parkinson’s patients. We understand what’s difficult for them, know how their bodies are limited by the disease and can assess potential changes in the home from the patient’s perspective and ability.

Builders who are certified in aging-in-place techniques understand the danger zones in the home, but aren’t trained to understand the physical and cognitive effects Parkinson’s Disease causes.

We can consult with contractors to choose appropriate fixtures and to design room configurations that make the most sense for the Parkinson’s patient.