Ease Anxiety

Ease AnxietyIf you know that it’s difficult to go down stairs, to get into the shower, to go get the mail, you could feel trapped in your home and imprisoned by your failing physical ability.

You are worried yourself, and your family is deeply concerned also. They’re torn between telling you that they fear for your safety and insisting that you move — somewhere.

Our aging-in-place specialists can fairly assess your physical ability and can identify changes that should be made.

  • We will offer options to make life easier, based on your budget and the immediacy of the need, so that you can make an informed decision.
  • We will allay the fears of your family.
  • If physical changes to the home are needed, we’ll work with your contractor or recommend a contractor we’ve worked with before.

As you accept the reality of your changing physical ability, we will be your advocates for remaining at home – safely and happily.