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Care for Aging Parents

Maximize your parents' safety at home.

Calling home every couple of days isn’t good enough any more. You are seeing a decline in their physical ability even as you hear them declare that they’re doing just fine on their own.
Invite our therapists in to visit with your parents.
We will be able to ask the questions you haven’t been able to ask or did not know to ask. Even if your parents say “we’re doing just fine,” our trained eye will catch potential weaknesses.
Our team’s friendly manner, and the stories we can share of other seniors in similar situations, will help reassure your parents and encourage them discuss areas of concern. If you’re considering moving your parents in to your home, we can assess your home and identify supportive changes, making the transition easier.
Trust us to get to the heart of the matter with your parents. We’ll offer solutions to improve their safety, their ease in living independently and help put your mind at rest.
If you’re out of town or otherwise unable to supervise handymen or contractors, we can work with these professionals on yours or your parents’ behalf.
Care for aging parents