Stay in Your Home as You AgeGetting older is good and bad — sometimes in equal measure.

Fewer responsibilities, more leisure time and a more relaxed schedule have been great.  But changing physical condition, realizing that some basic things are becoming more difficult as the years pass — that’s not so great.

Staying in your home as long as possible is your goal, and Andrew Sever can be your advocate for that outcome.

Whether you are dealing with specific health issues or decreased strength and mobility, our therapists give you the benefit of our experience in working with others in similar situations.

  • If home renovation is needed, we will have recommendations for your contractor — both in room configuration and the fixtures to be installed for greatest assistance
  • We’ll set your family’s mind at ease, letting them know you’re safe at home
  • If you don’t want to deal with choosing a contractor, we can connect you with one we’ve worked with successfully

As lifestyle changes become necessary to accommodate your changing physical ability, our team will provide guidance and solutions that will keep you at home as long as possible.