For Medical Professionals

Are you concerned for your patients’ safety at home?  

Do their spouses or caregivers seem overwhelmed?  

Have you already recommended home health therapy services to address these issues but your concerns continue?

Have you noticed the majority of “accessibility specialists” are either  builders or salespersons?

Andrew’s training and background make him an ideal referral for your patients and families.  He will observe how the patient and caregiver(s) perform everyday activities within the home and provide specific recommendations to address any concerns identified.  Since Andrew does not perform the remodel, your patients can be assured that his only vested interest is their safety.    

Andrew is extremely flexible in his approach to working with families.  He does not tell people what they must do to make their home safe, rather he offers suggestions based on the families needs, beliefs, expectations and lifestyle.

Whether your clients have questions about the appropriateness of a particular product or they are looking for a turnkey solution to make their home accessible, Andrew can help.