Clients Speak

On Aging Parents

“There is simply no way for me to thank you enough for the most respectful, funny, and LOVING way that you handled BOTH my beloved Mom and Dad today. Thanks for all of your help today, and ESPECIALLY for being a part of Dad’s team…it means so VERY much more than you will EVER know!”

“Andrew was very attentive, caring and thorough in addressing my grandmother’s needs.  He ensured that our loved one and our family were satisfied and comfortable. He served with a spirit of kindness and love.”
Valorie S.

“Before my mother came to live with me I asked Andrew to assess my home for safety because she has physical disabilities and dementia. I interviewed several “aging in place”specialists before I selected EnABLE Home Solutions. It was clear from the beginning that Andrew is a unique “aging in place” specialist who is different from the typical “aging in place” builder or remodeler (with no medical background). Andrew’s medical background coupled with his professional approach was just what we needed! He spent a lot time asking questions, and taking pictures and measurements on which he based his very thorough recommendations. In fact, other caregivers who have been to my home are impressed with all of the modifications. Because of this experience, the next home I buy will definitely be modified so I can “age in place” myself!”
Carolyn F

 “…We needed help in making our father’s home a safer environment for him as he was experiencing falls and had difficulty with balance. Andrew came to our dad’s house and made a number of recommendations, not only to  keep him safer but make daily functions easier. Once we, with Andrew, determined what we were going to buy, Andrew handled the rest. He ordered the items, installed htem and taught our father how to use them…He was available at every step and made what could have been so challenging an easier time.”
Karen B. and Christine D.


On a Sudden Change in Health

“You have made this unexpected situation much easier to overcome because of your wonderful understanding and determination to help my husband.  We both thank you with all our heart and wish you and yours–health and happiness.”  
B.R. and I.R.


On the Difference between a Builder and an Occupational Therapist

” As a certified aging-in-place specialist, Andrew knows all the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for home modification.  But as a licensed occupational therapist, Andrew also brings a medical background to understanding an older person’s functional needs and how to modify the home to fit those needs, compared to an aging-in-place specialist who is simply a CAPS builder or remodeler. Our experience with CAPS builder/remodelers was that they recommended “one-size-fits-all” ADA modifications that were impractical, not feasible, too disruptive, or too expensive.  In contrast, Andrew focused on what was DOABLE, USEFUL, and COST-EFFECTIVE to maximize my parents’ safety and function in our circa-1930s home.  He took the time to meet with Mom and Dad and to observe how they moved around the house, their activities in the house, etc. He also took time to meet with me (daughter/caregiver).  I was impressed with Andrew’s creativity and ideas; I consider myself pretty detail-oriented but he thought of things I hadn’t.  He gave us a comprehensive report with a list of recommendations for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and front door entrance.  These changes have really helped the house work better for my parents. … Andrew is an independent consultant, not a remodeler, and so when making recommendations his only incentive is the client’s safety and function.”
Dr J.M.